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Welcome to my web page. If you cannot see or access any of it's contents, whatever they may be, please contact me via phone at 305-444-4872 or email me at requesting a return receipt for your email to ensure that it is delivered to me, the allege law are answering phones calls and email for me, to infer themselves as protectors for actions that they themselves created only to justify their doing
I moved my site to (, and I am having troubles with my DNS forwarding to,  is not working properly due to my rights to communicate with people electronically or verbally been sabotaged, prempted and railroaded as means to censor discovery of all crimes against me and my family

My webpage, emails, phone calls are all been censored in their totallity to prevent public knowledge of all that I have to say, alleging, as reasons, anything that an impostor of office can come up with, ranging from using lies of classified or secret, to actually starting illegal and fraudelent actions, of law, military and justice against me from his illegally-occupied office which he abuses for this very own purpose

No content of this web page can be censored, hidden, obscured, deemed classified, or secret, or need to know basis. nor have I agreed to such, or to any subscriptions or oaths singed to see my web page  or alike. An impostor office of the USA presidency and he who is his boss, is abusing such illegally occupied office of the presidency and is using  the entire USA goverment against me, using anything as an excuse fo r it, all to keep me censored, unfinanced, untold, discredited and abused by the FBI, all  to keep knowledge of his illegal occupation of office of the presidency and the use of time and time access

My full name is ROLANDO ESTEBAN VASCO GONSALEZ, living at 4500 SW 3rd street, front, Miami, Fl, 33134, home phone 305-444-4872, email at

For those whom known want to contribute monetarely to me, my bank account information is as follows:

Name:   Vasco, R, Gonzalez, ABA# 267084131, ACCT#: 3892924165, you may wire transfer me decently earned monies there for contribution towards prooving the ilelgal formation and procedures and criems of the FBI, thus whom work with them, thus proovign the time coup and illegal ascencion to office power and law of those whom control it now. My web page site, emaisl, website is also been censored so that no one can see and help me with monies, for that means attorney against them, lawsuit in court, public CNN enws media adds  and all that monies will be used to proof the FBI have and are commiting crimes which are inclusive of open and willful particiption in murder in the first, second and third degree, asme as teh NSA, whom use such offices to hide theri etnic cleansing murder crimes

My web site is been censored so that non oen cna see the truth, so that i am kept untold, so that criminal using my name in vain can move into goverment, take possitions of such goverment and use such to further censor and control the coup d'etat, namely the FBI, whom are usign lies to prologn this s much as they can to see, if leis of Homeland Security Liberty Shield, ( attemtps to pass a FBI shield ilelglaly as means to claim is for that and quiet teh coup and theri criems that way, to NSA which is also another lie and all criminal, before, criminals now, and all been used by an impostor office who abuses such office to further censor and control public knowledge of t he time coup de'tat


The pictures below show proof of Time Accessed Melanine Staining Method. It is the same method used by satan to make close to 400,000 white arian people into blacks, change their color skin, imporish them, make them unto a lower social class, then put them in goverment and tell them lies, thus forcing them to act against me in fear. These inception black race 400,000 people were arians whites and their skins were white. This is why is called "PECACOS", pecas, for it means to sin, or to leave without, he who has time and does this is making PECADOS, or PECAs, or SINs, or TAN-gents, the SA-TAN, the tan-gents, teh khaki people are stealing the knowledge of my body by time-accessed-genetic-melanine-staining-method


pictures: tamsm-la1.jpg

pictures: tamsm-la2.jpg

pictures: tamsm-ra-1.jpg

pictures: tamsm-ra-2.jpg

pictures: tamsm-ll-1.jpg

pictures: tamsm-rl-1.jpg

pictures: tamsm-bl-1.jpg

pictures: bills-629-715.jpg

pictures: full body 2-28-2003

Pictures: Biscayne Chem recpt

pictures: Biscayne Chem

Pictures: Blinding Sunglight

pictures: 29, 29, why?

Pictures: coup tires

pict: coup tires-2

Pict: FBI alarm Model

Pict: front closeup

Pict: greencard-front

Pict: greencard-back.jpg

Pict: HALES Diagram

pict: Alarm Labels

Pict; me at 4 yrs old

Pict: sunlight-2

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!